foreverlovedlex- New Chapter

Hello Everyone!

I am so happy! I have started a new chapter in my life and I feel like things are finally looking up. I started a new shift at my job and I will be working a normal shift with the living. Finally I am working first shift and I feel so awake and energized. I go home when the sun is up and I get art work done when I get home!

When I worked second shift I never was able to wake up early to get things done. I had no motivation to do things and then go to work. I just slept all day went to work then laid there watching tv and then went back to bed then did everything all over again. 

Now I wake up nice and early go to work and then come home and do art. I go to bed at a decent time and I feel like my mental health is improving as well. I set goals for myself that I have been taking day by day. So far two days in I have completed my goals and more! I am so proud of myself.

I hard and kind of scary starting a new chapter but I am feeling great. I also am turning 25 in 17 days! I am having a Harry Potter themed birthday and I cannot wait. I am sad and happy to be getting older; I do not know why it is just always scary for me to get a year older. That would be my anxiety talking.

I also have a big art show coming up. My goal there is to make a lot of people smile and sell at least 15 items. 

I am so excited for what life can bring me!


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