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Hello Everyone,

I've been making art my entire life. People always ask "where did you get this idea?" or "how did you know you were finished?" Honestly there is no answers to these questions. No real good answer that would please everyone that is. I see what is in my head and I just put it on whatever medium I feel I need; I have no set ideas and when I stop I just stop. I feel it in my heart and sometimes my hand just knows. Some artist might have an idea of what they want to do and they execute it. I never really do. I just show you the pictures that are inside of my head. 

It's hard being an artist especially when you have to work a job that is not your passion. I work in the medical field; as a registrar nothing life saving or anything. I have to see sick people all day and see people who are not sick complain that they are not being seen soon enough. By the end of the day you feel heartbroken, annoyed, sad, lackluster, and uninspired. I make art to make people feel good and I cannot wait for the day that I am allowed to quit and just make art full time. For some reason though I have not gotten a hold on selling my art. I am pretty good selling word to mouth and doing commissions but I want people to buy the art that I like to make; the ideas that come out of my brain but I guess people do not like what is in my brain. 

My art is different maybe even scary, at least sometimes for me it is. That is why I have to get it out. One day maybe I will be able to just be me and show the world who I really am. Someone will appreciate it, someone will love it, someone might care for it but I guess ill keep waiting for that day. 


Alexus deBraganza

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