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Hello Everyone,

To tell the truth it's hard being an artist; even harder when you're working full time and have mental illness. I would love to only make art every single day but you know what they say "starving artist"; its a real thing. I am blessed with the situations that I have; I have a full time job and I get to live at home with my parents. I hate to complain when I have it pretty good but I do not get to do what I love all day. 

I work second shift which is draining enough; 3- 11:30 pm. So I sleep during the day like my pet frog, Sluggy. I try to wake up at a decent time to get some art done but I just end up sleeping in; I think I sleep in too much. I want to work and function like a normal human being; I am hoping to get a day shift position; wish me luck. 

Another thing is I struggle with mental illness. I have anxiety and sometimes depression. I am on medicine but sometimes I still struggle with wanting to do anything. I picked up digital art so that I can get things done at my job but I would love to pick up a paint brush. Art does make my mental illness go away for a little but the problem is getting started when you already feel out for the count. 

The goal is to one day to be a full time artist. I cannot wait and I am working toward it everyday. I even started this website to get my work out there. The idea is that if I can reach more people I can get more business. Then I'd have to make time for more art. We shall see; one step at a time.


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